Box of May


Sweet Dreams
& Peace on Earth

Sweet Lavender Dream Pillow
toss on your bed to help with a good night of sleep
Sweet Dreams Premium Soap Slice
with bergamot, lavender & ylang ylang for a relaxing shower of bath
Peace on Earth Flower Water
spray your sheets, your room and your body to create a sanctuary of peace
Life is but a Dream tisane
                a delightful herbal blend with lavender,roses petals, pink peppercorns
    and chamomile
     Sweet Dreams Organic Body Butter
               Soaks into your skin like butter, relaxing nutrition for your skin
     Peace on Earth Shower Bath & Massage Oil
                 Enjoy a teaspoon in your bath,
                 or after a shower while your skin is still wet and pat dry.
 Sweet Dreams Dryer Sachets
      each sachet is good for 8-10 loads of laundry
        excellent for towels and sheets. 3pack