I am impressed that a rose only tries to be a rose
and it does it ever so eloquently and beautiful
You were created just as uniquely
so be that which you are
as no one else can
and as such you are eloquent and beautiful
so simply bloom

Be courageous about your joy

Earth is a playground...

Share your toys and play nice.  We are all connected, so connect. 
No matter how long your life is, WE are only here for a short while, so enjoy it!
 Please participate in your life

My Philosophy

You get to create the world you live in.  If you don't like your world, create a new one. 
 One of my favorite views, is a ZEN view. 
 It recognizes that something viewed from one vantage point may be totally missed from another. 
Understanding that, with all things remaining the same,
all one needs to do for a fresh look is change the angle from which you view. 
You might just be surprised to see that your beautiful life has been right there the whole time! 
Embrace all experiences
 whether you are feeling happy or sad, strong or weak, vulnerable, scared
 or brimming over in unbridled bliss as

About Bokujoy                   
A play on the French word beaucoup meaning "more" or "abundance"....Bokujoy simply Translates into abundantly joyful and for me, a means to share my joys with the world.  Bokujoy is comprised of several different divisions:
Beauty & The Bath
Sipndipatea Organic Loose Leaf
Which are all available on this website

So how did this all come to be...

Sit back and relax, this is going to take awhile...

The first line developed was Beauty & The Bath which was started 22 years ago! (wow!) 
 It was basically serving the soap needs of my family and a few close friends
or "my tribe" and the "peas in my pod" as I have come to know them. 
 It didn't become a "real" soap company until I found myself a single mom (again),
after leaving my husband who chose drugs over himself,
 me and  his beautiful stepson who at the time was only five years old. 
 I remember his words very clearly the day I asked him to leave
"You can't survive in California without my income"...
my words rang more clear "Just watch me!"
It was the beginning of the month when that happened and having no money to pay the mortgage,
 I set out with a few tubs of soap and my son and sold and sold at every craft show and home show I could find. 
 Much to my amazement, and God's amazing grace,
 at the end of the month I had enough money to pay the mortgage
 and buy more soap supplies!  I cried tears of gratitude and I never looked back. 
Beauty & The Bath is comprised of all natural and organic products and the more I learn about healthy skin care the more the line evolves.  Today, Beauty & The Bath can be found at the Vista Farmers Market,
the occasional craft show, on the web and at three Avocado House events annually. 
After successfully operating Beauty & The Bath for many years,
 I developed the next division of Bokujoy which was "Intentions". 
 I felt very accomplished with Beauty & The Bath, but not complete. 
Here was a great product line of beautiful vegetable glycerin soaps that are natural
and healthy for the skin and people often said that they buy them to decorate,
but not to use, as they are "too pretty to use". 
I felt like I was missing my mark if I had a product that 1/2 my market wasn't actually using. 
I needed to overcome the "too pretty" hurdle. 
 So I prayed and meditated on it and through trusting in universal guidance,
 I came up with Intentions an all natural line that has been researched and based on one's life intentions,
such as peace, courage, or one of my personal favorites love. 
 The line has many components and I view them as mere tools to help you to manifest that which is already in you to do. 
The magic is not in the product line, it is in you. 
One of the beautiful things about the soap in the line is that they are wrapped in an organic seed paper
 so when you unwrap the soap and use it, you are encouraged to plant the paper in the earth,
 if you nurture it, just as you do in your "life's" intentions, it will bloom. 
The line launched in May of 2008 and has been and continues to be a huge success. 
Underneath the beautiful organic seed paper which was manufactured here in San Diego,
 the soaps are just as beautiful,
 to my great joy...I have not heard one person say "these soaps are too pretty to use". 
Ahhhh an intention of my own manifested!
Since that time I started the ManMade division, a product line for men. 
 My original plan was to just have it as a featured product for Father's Day, BUT it was meet with such great delight,
that it has developed and grown into a huge line.  

Thanks for reading along
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