B  o  k  u  j  o  y

Avocado House Sanctuary and Garden Spa

Day Tripper 

A social experience that is sure to relax, refresh, and restore.

Ideal for showers, birthdays, anniversaries and other expressions of love. 

Ideal for Intimate gatherings, 6-36 guest.  

While on the grounds, be sure to do some Garden Bathing and enjoy. 

There are many things you can do while here.  

Please do them all, or just find a place to sit, relax                 

and do nothing at all.


 Take a deep breath...

you are welcome here, however your troubles are not. We ask that you leave them at the gate

, you won’t need them while you are here. If you’d like, you may take them back when you leave, 

or you can burn them before you leave, at the end of your stay.

Walk the Labyrinth

As you walk to the gravel center, let go of something that no longer serves you. 

At the center, stop for a moment of gratitude.  

As you walk out welcome something new into your world.

Zen Garden Rake Meditation 

Use the rake, gently make designs in the sand.

empty your mind, fill your spirit

the Colibri

A beautiful place for self guided yoga, 

or just some soul bending stretches to release your spirit, take flight.

Alice’s Casita De Te

Stop by this shaded little garden room 

and enjoy a cup of tea, unwind, and lose track of time.

the Boredroom 

A great place to recharge your brain with 

the energy from the mighty oak trees. 

Let go of it all, and relax.

With a clear mind, you just might create the next fabulous you.

begin writing in stone...[gratitude stones provided]

“The mighty oak from a humble acorn”

City of Angels

Sit or lounge in the sun, soak it up, it’s rich with Vitamin D, 

and very restorative. 

[15 minutes is a good dose]  

The Jungle 

Gather with your tribe. grab a pillow and get comfortable.  

It’s a wonderful wild world out there, 

and the jungle is a great place to plop, plot,

 expand the universe and explore the possibilities.

Cafe at the Phoenix or the Patio of Power

A wonderful place to enjoy a restorative meal, 

sparkling beverages, teas and tisanes. 

We will provide this for you during your visit.

Day Tripper Cost:

$144 per person 


Robes and Slippers for guest to wear on the grounds

Meal and beverage service

Journal & Gratitude Stone

Take Home Spa Bag for Each Guest

Other  indulgences...

30 Minute Therapeutic  Massage Therapy~$45.00

Enjoy in the garden or one of the casitas

15 minute add ons $25:

Lose your mind head scratch Head 

 Rosemary & Mint Leg Scrub

Turbinado Sugar and Cedarwood Hand Scrub

Coffee Calf Scrub

Toe Pull and Twist with Eucalyptus infused olive oil 

30 Minute Therapeutic Foot or Hand Soaks~$25

Goat Milk & Peppermint soak

Coconut Milk & Vanilla Soak

Honey Salt and Rose Soak

Paw Spa Seaweed Soak

Meeting at the Office

2 - 10 minute Sauna Sessions with cold shower splash~$25

2 -15 minute Sauna Sessions with cold Shower Splash~$35

Used properly, saunas are known for their

restorative and healing abilities. Excellent for the skin, 

and your other vital organs.

Garden Room Reiki~$50

A Japanese energy healing approach.

It is designed to relive pain, anxiety, and fatigue and enhance your quality of life. 

It boosts the mood, eases depression and can offer relief from headaches, tension and insomnia

Amazing Grace Facial~$75 

A five step process that will leave you glowing

A gentle face wash and rinse. Followed by an exfoliating scrub 

infused with seaweed, sugar, pumice and essentials of fennel, rosemary, lavender & lemon. 

Relax as your face is moisturized, and then refreshed with toner.  

Gracefully enjoy your aging process

 as spots disappear, wrinkles fill in, collagen is boosted, and you glow.  

*You will get to keep the facial essentials to use on your next few self guided facials.

Spiritual Reading~$50  

A glimpse into your past or future 

may help you embrace your presence.

To Schedule a day tripper social experience

please contact:

Joy Blessman