Understanding Aromatherapy

I know it seems like the hot "new thing", but aromatic plant oils have been used for wellness and healing for thousands of years.  Aromatherapy is subtle, so please breathe deeply have patience.  Use them correctly and give them time to work, aromatherapist believe they are highly effective, as do I.  You of course should use them and decide for yourself.  You may find that one treatment is relaxing or rejuvenating offering immediate gratification.  However, to sustain and rebalance your body systems, you may find that regular treatments  prove to be more effective. 

It really is a fascinating world.  The art of aromatherapy involves the aromas of certain plant oils to treat the body mind and spirit.  This involves several ways of getting the essence inside to alter your body chemistry, support body systems and improve moods and emotions. Hearten them in the shower in soaps, in bath soaks, in vaporizers, in creams salves and oils, steam inhalations, compresses hot and cold.  Inhaling the essences directly have been known to relieve stress and emotional tension while massages gently manipulate the soft tissues of the body compliments the inhalation and can relieve pain, promote healthy circulation and restore balance to improve health.  When applied to the skin, the molecules of the essence absorb through the pores of your skin and into the bloodstream, by which they are carried to every part of your body.

In the body, essential oils are able to operate in three notable ways: pharmacologically, physiologically and psychologically.  Pharmacologically, similar to drugs only more sympathetically and with fewer side effects.  Physiologically, different oils have affinity with particular parts of the body.  For example the all mighty and beautiful rose has an affinity with the female productive system.  Its amazing.  Some oils stimulate the sluggish, while others relax the overstimulated and others still, such as spice oils can help with the digestion. It gets even better some oils such as lavender are known as adaptogens, they do whatever the body requires of them at the time.  The psychological effects of the oils are triggered by the brain.  Although it is not completely clear how the aromas effect the mind, it is theorized that receptors convert the smells into electrical impulses which are transmitted to the limbic system of the brain.  

Here is the disclaimer.  I am not allowed to tell you that aromatherapy will heal or cure anything, its just the world we live in.  So that is NOT what I am saying.  However, please know that I honor and respect essential oils and I believe they are powerful.  I believe everything we need to thrive and be well on the planet is here on the planet growing and thriving.  I am thrilled to offer you pure essentials and blends and I hope you find that they  help you maintain your wellness, rebalance and heal your systems for a fabulous life.  Your body is amazing and resilient.  When given the proper support, I believe your body can relax, refresh, restore and heal.

I will tell you a little about the essential oils that I use in the product line, but there is so much more information available on the web.  I strongly suggest you do some research and learn in depth about essential oils and their benefits.  Know your body, not all oils are good for all people all the time.  Knowledge is power.  Let's be powerful.

Glossary of Essential oils & Herbs

Bergamot:  This beautiful tree was originally cultivated in Italy and has been used in folk medicine historically.  It is probably best known for its classical use in Earl Grey tea.  I love Bergamot, it is very soothing, it is known for  alleviating depression and balancing your mood.  It has been successfully used in treating eczema, psoriasis, cuts and even insect bits.  It is handy in combating cold & flu like symptoms and supports the digestive system.  Bergamot is in:  Shades of Grey & Peace on Earth--tea.  It is also in Sublime, Sweet Dreams, Gratitude and Lure --bath and spa products.                                                            

Blueberries: Known as one of the most healthiest foods in the world. In addition to its rich antioxidant properties which have been helpful in brain health and nervous system health, blueberries have also been known to help retain memory.  Blueberries are  in: Amazing Grace, Lady Sings the Blues, and the Upswing of Fabulous

Cacao:  This delightful deep chocolate liquid is extracted from the nut of the cacao tree.  It is a super rich antioxidant.  It has more Vitamin C than an orange and has 20x the antioxidant content of green tea!  The wonderful oil is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, regenerates cell tissue and promotes circulation.  AND if that weren't enough, it is also an aphrodisiac.  So the only thing left to say is, enjoy!

Cardamon:  Great in relieving menstrual discomfort, indigestion, stomach pains and flatulence.  Cardamon is in:  Spice de la Vie

Cedarwood:  We owe gratitude to the magnificent oil of the evergreen cedar tree.  It was one of the first oils to be used in ancient medicine and rituals.  It is steam distilled from the wood chips.  It is rich, woody and masculine. The mild antiseptic and astringent properties make it great for treating acne, oily skin eruptions and dandruff.  It is also valued for its ability to stimulate the circulation and relax the nervous system having a tonic effect on the whole body.

Cinnamon leaf:  This familiar warm, spicy fragrant aroma is reputed to enhance psychic abilities.  Cinnamon stimulates a sluggish digestion and combats intestinal infections. It acts as a respiratory stimulant helping with rheumatic problems and chest infections.  It also helps to fortify the immune system. Cinnamon is known for relieving mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion.  It can help lift the fog of depression

Coriander: Soothes the bladder.  Great for constipation, colic, flatulence and indigestion.  Coriander is in:  Harmony

Echinacea:  Great in treating the common cold, sore throats and flu like symptoms.  It is an overall boost to the immune system.  Echinacea is in The Dragon Slayer

Fennel:  In folklore this mighty plant was believed to convey strength and contribute to long life. It seems to have a rebalancing effect on hormones, probably due to its estrogen-like plant hormone.  It helps to eliminate toxic waste from the body making it an asset in treating arthritis and even cellulite! It is supportive to healthy circulation, respiratory and digestive systems. Fennel is also said to be useful for healing bruises and fighting wrinkles. A wonderful tonic for your skin. Combats bad breath, suppresses the appetite & soothes upset stomachs.  Fennel is in Harmony, She of Tea and The Dragon Slayer--tea.  It is also in Amazing grace facial scrub and the amazing grace body bar.

Frankincense:  This oil is distilled from the resin produced by the bark of a small North African Tree.  Thank you Africa! Spiritually soothing, wonderfully calming and richly fragrant.  This divine essential oil is used by many to encourage meditation.  Frankincense calms the nervous and digestive system.  Irregular or heavy periods and nosebleeds have also benefited from the gentle healing properties of this oil.  It is ideal for treating inflammation, blemishes and scars.  Frankincense oil promotes healthy cell generation and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy.  Frankincense is now being looked at very closely for its potential to treat cancer.  I personally know a couple people who have had success with the oil for that purpose.  This oil is definitely one worth looking at a little closer.  Do some of your own research to explore the benefits.

Ginger: Originally from India and China.  Its warm and spicy, the essential oil is distilled from the thick roots of the plant. Ginger is pain relieving and helps with pains associated with arthritis, rheumatism and muscle pain.  It helps to improve the circulation.  Excellent for treating nausea and motion sickness and aids in digestion. Ginger is in Live Long and Prosper, Spice de la vie, Walking on Sunshine &  The Dragon Slayer--Tea.  It is also in Ginger Citrus Twist and the Distinguished Pirate in the bath and spa line.

Ginko Leaf: Improves mental clarity and memory retention. Ginko Leaf  is in Harmony

Grapefruit:  Fresh and tangy, this citrusy scent enlivens the mind and disperses feelings of gloom.  It relieves anxiety and combats nervous exhaustion.  Unlike many other citrus oils, grapefruit does not increase the skin's sensitivity to the sunlight. It is detoxifying and cleansing to the kidneys.  It has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system.  It helps to relieve fluid retention and eliminates toxins.  It stimulates the digestion and improves immunity to infections.  Go grapefruit oil!

Hibiscus: Lowers the blood pressure and reduces high cholesterol. Acts as a refrigerant in cooling the body and a diuretic in decreasing bloating. Hibiscus can be found in She of Tea and A Bucket of Bliss

Jasmine: Anti-aging. Helps to regulate the blood sugar and lowers the cholesterol. Helps to cleanse the intestines. Jasmine can be found in Amazing Grace, Beautiful, Jazz, & Always and Forever

Lavender: The adaptation plant is probably the most loved and most versatile plant of them all.  I could right a book on its uses and benefits.  Lavender is calming and soothing.  It is an antidepressant and  and emotionally balancing.  It even has painkilling properties so its great for bruises, burns and other kinds of wounds.  Lavender is a decongestant so it is great to use to combat cold and flu bugs.  Lavender lowers your blood pressure and helps to ease digestive spasms, nausea and indigestion.  Lavender also freshens the breath, thats a nice bonus.  This wonderful  stress reliever is also known for  helping with insomnia, tension, headaches, and upset stomachs. Lavender is in Life is but a Dream, She of Tea and Peace on Earth--Tea.  It is also in Love that Lavender, Lavender Oatmeal, Sublime, Energy, Therapy Session, Stallion, Gratitude, Faith,  Triumphant, Peace, Believe, Harmony, Calm-Clear & Focused, Flower Power, The Queen Bee and Sweet Dreams--Bath & Spa Products

Lemon:  The ancient Greeks and Romans included this oil in their medicine chest.  It has a wide history of use in European folk medicine.  It is invaluable in a home aromatherapy kit!  Lemon can stimulate the body's defenses to fight all kinds of infections.  It is beneficial in treating gum disease, sore throats and even acne.  It has a tonic effect and it is great for stimulating circulation, high blood pressure and fluid retention.  Emotionally it also helps to dispel depression.

Lemongrass: Commonly known as an ingredient in Thai food, lemongrass has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries.  It has been used for fighting cancer, lowering cholesterol, combating colds, depression and relieving diarrhea.  Lemongrass is also used for detoxifying the liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, and urinary tract.  Lemongrass has a tonic effect on the nervous system and is good for stress and headaches.  It is an effective deodorant and even repels fleas, lice and tics.  Lemongrass can be found in Live Long and Prosper and Prelude to Sandman--tea.  It is also in Triumphant-- Bath and Spa Product line.

Lemon Myrtle Soothes muscle cramps, spasms, and rheumatism, Great in soothing headaches, and reducing fever. Lemon Myrtle can be found in Sensualitea.

Licorice Root: Soothes colds and sore throats. Treats bronchitis by helping break down mucus. Increases interferon, helping boos the body’s immune system. Also believed to help counteract the effects of HIV. Licorice root can be found in Harmony and the Dragon Slayer. 

Lime:  Traditionally used as a digestive remedy and to prevent scurvy among sailors!  Lime is widely used and similar to the properties of lemons.  Often they can be used interchangeably.  Lime acts as an appetite  and a digestive stimulant.  It is antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral.  It also has fever reducing properties valuable in fighting colds and flus.  It helps to strengthen the immune system.  It is useful in treating acne and even warts.  Lime is a restorative oil, and it helps to increase mental alertness and awareness.

Litsea: An antidepressant and anti inflammatory.  Wonderful for uplifting the spirit and easing fatigue.  It has been used to ease anxiety and nervous exhaustion. Its is a respiratory tonic and has been helpful for people with asthma. It is a happy essential oil, ideal for raising your vibration ans shifting your mood.

Manadarin:  Originated in China, which comes as no surprise.  It is delicate with a fruity and floral aroma and possesses a gentle healing action.  Mandarin blended with other oils (such as lavender) is good for preventing stretch marks.  Mandarin is the most commonly used for treating digestive problems.  It soothes indigestion and relieves intestinal spasms.  The oil can also be used as a skin toner for dry skin, acne and congested pores.  Mandarin has sedative effects so it is ideal in combating nervous tension and insomnia.  Great for settling restlessness and it is mild enough to use on children.

Osmanthus: Improves the complexion and helps to prevent disease. Osmanthus can be found in the She of Tea & Happiness.

Rosehips: Anti-aging, heals tissues, and cells, Wonderful for stress prevention. Anti-inflammatory, which helps urinary tract infections, arthritic and joint disease. Rosehips can be found in A Bucket of Bliss, Life id but a Dream, and Up Up and Away.  It is also in the body butters in the bath and spa line. 

Rosewood:  Commonly from Brazil, though the Rosewood I selected is from India.  It is distilled from the heartwood of the rosewood tree.  While distillation from the wild trees contributes to the destruction of the rainforest and should not be used, cultivated trees are used to produce the essential oil.  Rosewood stimulates the immune system and can be used as a mild painkiller and an antidepressant.  As a tissue regenerator it diminishes scars, wrinkles and even stretch marks.  It is useful in treating headaches, especially when nausea is involved so it would be great for those who suffer from migraines.  It is emotionally uplifting, comforting and helps to rebalance the nervous system in times of stress.

Pomegranate: Anti-aging and supports heart health. Pomegranate can be found in the Upswing of Fabulous, and Up Up and Away.

Schizandra Berries: Reduces stress, promotes clarity and balances the bodies energy. Schizandra Berries can be found in Gratitude

Shatavari: Powerfully rejuvenating. Supports women’s health and restores balance and boosts the immune system. Shatavari can be found in the She of Tea.  

Valerian Root: A medicinal herb used since ancient Greece. It is a prescribed remedy for insomnia. Because of its sedative qualities, it has also been known to help with migraine treatment, arthritis, and as a pain reliever. It is wonderful for digestion and for the nervous anxiety as well. Valerian root can be found in the Prelude to Sandman.

Verbena: Alleviates colon and stomach spasms. Calms and relaxes the nervous system and soothes itching. Verbena can be found in Live Long and Prosper.

Ylang Ylang:  This is one of my favorite oils.  Though be advised,  I have many favorites.  Many people struggle with how to pronounce it case you really aren't sure what to do with a Y and an L side by side.  "ly" we understand, YL, not so much!  Just drop the Y and start your pronunciation with the lang and you will be just fine! (smile).   This oil is sweet and pleasing, having aphrodisiac properties.  It is known as a love oil.  BUT WAIT, that's not all!  It has been attributed as having properties as an antidepressant, anti-seborrheic, antiseptic,  hypotensive, nervine and sedative substance.  It helps to sooth anxiety, relaxes the mind and body, helps to combat depression and helps to boost the nervous system.   Ylang Ylang can be found in Love & Gratitude in the Intentions line, It can also be found in Kindred Spirits, Flower Power & of course this month's feature Sweet Dreams.
These products come in soaps, oils, cremes and or flower waters.