30 Dollar Essential Oil Blends


In the body, essential oils are able to operate in three notable ways: pharmacologically, physiologically and psychologically.  Pharmacologically, similar to drugs only more sympathetically and with fewer side effects.  Physiologically, different oils have affinity with particular parts of the body.  For example the all mighty and beautiful rose has an affinity with the female productive system.  Its amazing.  Some oils stimulate the sluggish, while others relax the overstimulated and others still, such as spice oils can help with the digestion. It gets even better some oils such as lavender are known as adaptogens, they do whatever the body requires of them at the time.  The psychological effects of the oils are triggered by the brain.  Although it is not completely clear how the aromas effect the mind, it is theorized that receptors convert the smells into electrical impulses which are transmitted to the limbic system of the brain.  

1/3 oz Bottle