• A Celebration of She~Personalized Gift Box

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    A Celebration of SHE

    A beautiful gift box personalized with the name of the person you are celebrating.

    A fabulous one of a kind way to celebrate

    An excellent way to give a personal touch to any gift


    as seen in photos

    8 oz. Flower Water

    Made with therapeutic grade essential oils from the most aromatic flowers, herbs and trees

    Take a deep breath and enjoy

    delight a room, your body & your body

    Simply beautiful and elegant

    A miracle from mother nature

    4 oz Organic Body Butter

    It's beyond yummy! (but don't grab a spoon and eat it) Let your skin enjoy this one

    Its certified organic ingredients meets the Whole Foods premium standard for personal care products 

    as well as approval from the Ecocert Organic Certification Board. 

    Pure plant oils, flowers and root extract preservatives makes this creme delightful and delicious for you skin.

    4 oz. Shower, Bath and Massage Oil

    A great way to take  care of the glorious skin that takes care of you.

    Add a few drops for an intoxicating bath, splash on at the end of your shower and pat your skin dry or enjoy during massage.  

    Rich in Omega 3, a wonderful way to boost your beautiful immune system!

    Ingredients:  Apricot Kernel, grape seed, sweet almond oil, flaxseed &  therapeutic grade essential oils  

    7.5 oz Premium Aromatherapy Hand Milled Soap

    Hand milled vegetable glycerin soap made with premium essential

    Beautifully handcrafted with therapeutic grade essential oils

    Using the most sought after oils.

    Gorgeous lathers that rinse clean away

    Wonderful health benefits to nourish your skin

    A gift from mother nature

    Wooden Soap Dish

    Wooden soap dishes are better for vegetable glycerin soaps than plastic, metal or porcelain.  
    The wood helps to pull the moisture from the soap and dry it out between uses.
    If you use a wooden soap dish, your soaps will last longer.
    It is also a good idea to cut your soaps in half, 
    you will get a nice clean cut with a kitchen knife

    All Mother's Day Gift Boxes will ship on May 7th priority mail (2-3 days)

    (unless otherwise arranged)