A Trio of Greens [Green Tea]

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3 Amazing green teas, rich in antioxidants! [3 medium tins]


Take a deep breath and enjoy the nurturing aroma this blend exudes.  Designed to help you harness the strength and power that lives within you. 

A synergistic blend of herbs and essence tossed with green tea to work in harmony with your

body's inherent resilience.  Boost your immunity, soothe your spirit and encourage good health.

Ingredients:  organic green rooibos, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic myrtle,

organic chili flakes, organic marigolds, organic green tea, and organic bergamot.

*Lady Sings the Blues*

Green tea has never had it so good! Blueberries belting out a sweet tune making an unforgettable 

melody with jasmine flowers.

ingredients: organic green tea, organic blueberries, organic jasmine flowers and organic natural flavors.


An organic blend of bliss...cool mints mingle with gunpowder green tea for a delightful lift of freshness.

A wonderful way to enjoy an arduous day!

Ingredients:  organic spearmint, organic peppermint, and organic green tea.