Follicles and Locks Hair Butter


Organic Hair Butter

Designed to nurture your

Follicles and Locks


                                                                        Nutrition for your scalp and hair. 

                                           Part and massage into your scalp, you will find a little bit goes a long way. 

                                              Rub a dime sized amount into your hands and massage into your hair. 

                The butter is wonderful after shampooing with pure coconut milk or follicles and locks shampoo bar.


                                   The blend of butters are gifts of nature known for hydrating your follicles and locks. 

                                       Providing deep moisture and luster whether your hair is fine or thick.  Enjoy.


If your hair is damaged or if you are experiencing alopecia or thinning this combination of essential oils 

provide great nutrition for helping to restore your hair and promote  new hair growth,

be diligent and massage vigorously into your scalp everyday.                       

Be patient and gentle with your spirit.

You may also use as a deep conditioner, massage into you scalp leave for an hour or more,

                                               then rinse clean away.    4 oz.                                                   

Shea butter, Mango Butter, Aloe Butter, Coconut oil, *castor oil, Rosemary Essential oil, Cedar Wood essential oil, Vanilla Essential Oil  Pure Love & Wellness.                                                                    

Your organic hair butter will arrive thoughtfully packaged in glass, in an effort negate the overuse of plastic and

eliminate some of the waste that is polluting our amazing planet.

*castor oil is amazing for your hair, however, if you would like to have your butter made without it, please email me for a special batch.