Frankincense Essential Oil



Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

known for...

This oil is distilled from the resin produced by the bark of a small North African Tree. 

Thank you Africa!

Spiritually soothing, wonderfully calming and richly fragrant.

 This divine essential oil is used by many to encourage meditation. 

Frankincense calms the nervous and digestive system.

 Irregular or heavy periods and nosebleeds have also benefited from the gentle healing properties of this oil. 

It is ideal for treating inflammation, blemishes and scars. 

Frankincense oil promotes healthy cell generation and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy.

 Frankincense is now being looked at very closely for its potential to treat cancer. 

I personally know a couple people who have had success with the oil for that purpose. 

This oil is definitely one worth looking at a little closer. 

Do some of your own research to explore the benefits.