Happiness Essential Oil


Litsea, Sweet Orange & Lime
Litsea is an evergreen tree or shrub native to China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and other parts of Southeast Asia.  It is known as mountain pepper, though it's not peppery to me at all. 
It smells like citrus, close to a lime or a lemon.  It is uplifting and relaxing. 
It has been used as a promising antidepressant in Asia for thousands of years.  It is used for treating anxiety, fear, fatigue, pain, and stress. 
Partnered with sweet orange, which among other fabulous things, is a lymphatic stimulant.  AND if that is not enough to inspire "happiness", 
I have added in lime which is antiviral, astringent, anti-bacterial and wonderful for energizing an overworked brain. 
The three blended together is a delightful recipe for happiness. 

1/3 oz bottle
use in an infuser, add to cleaners, inhale and enjoy, or dab on like perfume