Helichrysum Essential oil


This is one of my favorites! Floral and sweet with a little spice, and an undertone of honey. Helichrysum is also called Immortelle or Everlast.  There are many stories as to why it is called Immortelle or Everlast.  Some speculate it's because of it's gold little bloom last forever (practically). I follow the Egyptian belief that it's because of its medicinal properties.  They thought it would give them everlasting immortality.  Ok so it is obvious, that THAT didn't work, BUT the essential oil is still pretty amazing.  It is considered to be an oil that helps to rejuvenate the cells, repair damaged ones and help to generate new ones.  It is useful in treating disorders with the lymphatic system and mucous membranes.  It has been useful in protecting the nervous system, I have enjoyed it for that myself.  It is especially useful in treating illnesses related to environmental irritants.  It is anti-inflammatory and  fungicidal among other things. It would serve you well to do some research on this oil and add it to your medicine cabinet essential oils.