Love Organic Sanctuary Survival Kit


LOVE Organic Sanctuary Survival Kit 

 Ylang Ylang, Lime & Vanilla

Organic Olive Oil infused Soap wrapped in Organic Seed Paper.
 Hearten an intentional shower or bath taking notice of your beautiful skin with all of it lines and curves enjoy the rich creamy lather.
 When you are done, don't for get to plant your paper, nurture it and it will bloom wildflowers.
 Shower, Bath & Massage Oil
 Lather and rinse, while your skin is still wet, rub the oil into your skin and pat dry.
Your skin will drink the nutrition and hydrate your beautiful skin.
 Organic Body Frosting
 Enriched organic shea butter wild crafted with Aloe, Jojoba & Vitamin E.
Hydrate and restore your skin
Pink Himalayan Bath Salts
250 million year old Jurassic era sea salt known for its healing properties.
Stimulates the circulation, lowers blood pressure and removes toxins...
not to mention soothing achy joints and sore muscles.
 Love Candle
 100% pure beeswax, the most natural longest burning wax there is,
infused with pure essentials so your can relax a the glow and safely inhale the aroma
 FULL SIZE $140 value Special price $100.00
 ...because some of you are new to the notion of loving yourself, you may need to take is slow.
With that in mind I have put together a smaller version of the same kit, so you can ease into it. (wink).
 "a little love goes a long way" $70 Value Special price $50

If love is your intention,
it will find you