ManMade Beeswax Candle


ManMade Beeswax Candles

Embrace A provocative glow
Beeswax Candles with a cotton wick presented in glass jars are a great way to
strike a mood of confidence and add a sultry glow to any room.
Beautifully scent the air with your allure and charm
You are ManMade and you are distinguishing

The One I’ve Always Loved
I loved you before I met you
I knew you were coming,
I knew all about you, all about your person
not the way you looked, but the way you were,
the touch of your hand that set you apart
the way that you loved me,
the truth in your heart,
Oh yes, my love, you’ve been here before
danced with my mind, caressed my soul
embraced my body, kissed my lips
my perfect, imperfect lover
now that you’re here, I have you with me
with a strength I desire,
and the love that I need,
my darling, you’re all that I knew you would be.

                            -Dana Y. Stoud