• Mayday~Sunday, August 25, 2019

    If you have purchased additional reservations but are not sure who is attending with you, just put undecided.


    Sunday, August 25th

    A Day of LOVE  


    3 hours of peace...love...joy

    Arrivals 11:00 or 11:30

    [please book now to reserve your space]

    $48 per person 

    A day to rescue your soul and save your spirit with LOVE

    Gather your sistafriends, kindred spirits
    and those you hold dear
    and join me in the garden for an afternoon filled with



    Leave your troubles at the gate, you won’t need them...


    There are lots of garden rooms to visit,

    Make time to walk the labyrinth to let go of something old 

    and welcome in something new


    Take a moment or two for a mindful meditation 

    in the Zen garden


    Sit and sip a cup of antioxidant rich green tea

    and then have the leaves read


    Enjoy a savory and sweet brunch in the garden 


    Find a quiet spot to write in a journal or 

    paint a gratitude rock while 

    soaking your feet in a restorative bath 

    Let go and pause... 

    Let the three hours you spend here just be about being here.


    If you wish, you can reclaim the troubles you left at the gate as you leave...