• Mother Earth Tub Tea


    Mother Earth Organic Tub Tea

                    relax into a restorative bath                

                                         and let go of the day...

    Steep your muslin tea bag in a hot or warm bath. Immerse yourself in the water and relax for at least 20 minutes. 

    A longer soak is always nicer, even if you have to add a little more hot water.

    The enclosed herbs are great for relaxing your muscles, soothing a cold,

    aching joints, anxiety, stimulating your circulation or restoring after an arduous day.

    One luxurious bath:
    enjoy the tea bag in the water your entire soak
    Two frugal baths:
    soak for 20 minutes but only leave the tea bag in the water for 10 minutes each soak
    either way its a delight!
    5 oz. 150g

    Course Sea Salts & All Organic Ingredients:
     orange peel, chamomile flowers, lavender, rosemary leaf, raspberry leaf, rosehips,

                                         peppermint, sage leaf, lemongrass, rose buds, bay leaf, and cloves  1-2 baths             


    Mother of the sea Tub Tea


                  relax into a sea of wellness to              Nourish and restore

     All Organic Ingredients:
                                laminaria granules, kelp granules, bladderwrack,                           

    and dulse leaf granules 

    Steep your muslin tea bag in a hot or warm bath.  

    Immerse body in the water and relax for at least 45 minutes.              

    Add more hot water as needed.

    The enclosed seaweeds are great for balancing the body, improving circulatory strength, easing muscle aches and arthritis.  Seaweed helps to improve your skin elasticity and tone.  Wonderful for releasing toxins and restoring your body. One to two uses.                                                  

    warning: for external use only, if you have heart problems or are under a doctor’s care, please consult your physician before use.

                           5 oz. 130g. escondido, ca 92026