ManMade Oil Slick

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ManMade Oil Slick

Made with therapeutic grade essential oils.
Shave & Shower oil 
Apply daily after shower while your skin is still wet and pat dry.
Also nice to refresh the skin before and after shaving. 
Excellent for your body & your beard

Meet Blake
Connoisseur of the  mighty fine 

Cigar Bar

and a well crafted mustache
He enjoys the sweet stench of clove enveloped in sweet orange and savory vanilla
A delight to inhale

Mr. Incredible 

He's simple...subtle, in the most sensual and provocative ways.  He enters a crowded room and yet he is the only man that I see. 
The lines of his lips, and the gentle break of his smile implies that he is well spoken, long before words ever part. 
He is strong and modestly dressing in all black, it suits him, it suites me. 
We have met before, many times...and many times more in a a dream I  relive, enjoying quiet thoughts of him. 
He notices me across the room and drinks me in deep with his eyes, and instantly I crave his smell and long for his touch. 
His embraces are sweet, he always lands gently on my spirit.  The smell of him intoxicates me and softly lingers long after the moment has passed.

He is ManMade and I am intrigued.

~Excerpt from under the peppertree.