• Paw Spa in a Box

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    Pamper your paws because they take you everywhere you want to go!

    [yes your paws, not your animals]

    A wonderful gift to ship to family and friends during the holidays.

    Paw Spa Gift Set

    Revitalize your paws! 

    A pure delight for your feet.

    Wash your feet with your peppermint & pumice soap then plunge them into a nice warm foot bath.  

    Add Paw Spa Foot Soak, and enjoy for 15-20 minutes. 

    Then scrub your feet with the paw scrub to loosen and remove rough spots.  Place your feet back in the foot bath to rinse clean.

    Then enjoy massaging your feet with a little paw repair creme, excellent for repairing 

    dry cracked feet. 

    The entire process is wonderful for tired, overworked and swollen feet.

    Small gift set: $50

    1 oz. Paw Scrub, 1 oz. Paw Repair, 2 oz Paw Spa and  3.5 oz peppermint & pumice soap

    Large gift set $80

    4 oz. Paw Scrub, 4 oz. Paw Repair, 6 oz Paw Spa and 7.5 oz peppermint & pumice soap

    Includes shipping