• Ritual Moon Phase Candles

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    Phases of the Moon

    to honor all the phases of your life

    an excellent choice for your rituals and alters of peace...love...joy

    Beautiful Hand Poured Pure Beeswax Candles

    with wooden Wicks

    Made with Therapeutic Grade Essential oils

    presented in a 3x3 square glass jar

    Dark Moon

    When the moon is not visible in the night sky,

    it is a powerful time to go inward to rest and reconnect.

    A time for profound healing, and plotting change 

    Rosewood Patchouli Rose Absolute



    Balsamic Moon

    3 days before the new moon, when the moon moves within 45 degrees of the sun.

    It’s a restorative time 

    for cleansing and clearing to create space

    Peppermint Camphor Eucalyptus Lemon


    New Moon

    A time for rebirth and re energizing. Embracing new beginnings

    and shedding what no longer serves your.  

    A time to plant new seeds

    Citrus Flowers and Fruits of Orange Bergamot Cypress Frankincense Ginger


    Waxing Moon

    Time for regeneration, fortify and strengthen the body,

    the spirit and the energetic fields. 

    Cedarwood Rosemary Clove Thyme


    Full moon

    Stir emotions and heighten psychic sensitivity.

    Higher spiritual realms are more easily felt. 

    The light of the full moon can reveal

    what has been hidden in the shadows. 

    Myrrh Ylang Ylang


    Waning moon

     A time of rebirth and energizing and subconscious enlightenment. 

    A time for deep internal rest,

    meditation and spiritual awareness. 

    Lavender Geranium Jasmine Sandalwood Lemon


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