Spa in a Bag


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Spa in a Bag 


Take a deep restorative breath, 

let go of all that binds you


Trim the wick and lite your candle, and fill your bath with warm water.

Brew your tub tea in the bath water and add a few drops of shower, bath, and massage oil.


and nurture yourself, submerge your body into 

the warm water and let your cares melt away.


your body lavishly at the end of your soak, 

take notice of how beautiful you truly are. 

Rinse and let your troubles go 

down the drain with the water.


your skin with a little bit of the shower, bath, and massage oil while your skin is still wet and 

pat dry to lock in your moisture.  

For an extra layer of hydration and comfort, massage your skin with your vitamin 

enriched body butter.


with a spritz of your flower water throughout the day, and spritz your sheets before bed. 

Enjoy a beautiful day, and a restful sleep.