The Abundance Project~Sunday February 11th 2024


A fabulous gift for you and all those you love.

YOU get to create the world you live in,

so make it magical

and fill it with an abundance of self love.

Be courageous about your joy, and believe in the beauty of your [day] dreams.

If you feel it is time to embrace a new journey, let it begin at Avocado House.

Come with an open mind, and leave equipped with essentials to fill your heart.

The afternoon includes nourishing foods, restorative beverages, yoga, meditation,

garden bathing, Intention gifts and guidance, time to breathe, relax, and restore.

It is time to be abundant and fall in love with yourself all over again.

This 4 hour social experience if wonderful for you and those that you love

and ideal for young adults and mature teens.

Space is limited so reserve your space today.

11:34am - 3:43pm