Rest & Wellness~Tisane Variety Pack

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Enjoy 3 amazing tisanes, all designed to promote your well-being [3 medium sized tins]

*ImmuniTea Lite*

Take a deep breath and enjoy the nurturing aroma this blend exudes.

Designed to help you harness the strength and power that lives within.

A synergistic blend of herbs and essence to work in harmony with your body's inherent resilience.

Boost your immunity, soothe your spirit and encourage good health.

Ingredients: organic green rooibos, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic lemongrass,

organic lemon myrtle, organic chili flakes, organic marigolds, and organic bergamot. 

*The Dragon Slayer*

An intense blend of ginger, peppermint, and licorice heightened with orange peel and clove.  It's topped off with fennel, marshmallow leaf and for good measure, echinacea! 

Wonderful for boosting your immune system and slaying those fiery dragons in your throat.

This tisane is designed to soothe and restore.  Enjoy in good health.

Ingredients:  organic ginger, organic peppermint, organic licorice, organic orange peel, organic fennel, organic marshmallow leaf, organic clove and organic echinacea.

*Life is but a Dream*

Much more than merrily merrily merrily!

A wonderful blend of organic rose hips, lavender, roses, and pink peppercorns...

May it inspire you to new heights of peace and relaxation, creating a doorway to your dreams.

Ingredients: Organic chamomile, organic rose hips, organic pink peppercorns, organic rose petals, and organic lavender.